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Total Zen Pools is the premier pool service company for residential and commercial pool cleaning, pool service and pool repair serving the City of San Diego. Our professional pool service technicians provide swimming pool cleaning, maintenance and repairs for home pools, apartment swimming pools, community swimming pools and commercial pools of all types.
In addition to maintenance and cleaning, if your pool develops a problem, we can complete the necessary repairs to resolve it. Our team are pool experts, enabling us to swiftly diagnose what the problem is and then come up with a way to resolve it. Whether a component needs replacing or there is some sort of other issue, you can rely on us to affect a timely repair for a highly competitive price.
Finding a pool company wasn’t an issue, but finding one that actually brought the wow factor was. Our pool services at Total Zen Pools will leave you speechless because we won’t accept it any other way. A pool either looks great or it doesn’t, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.
Our skilled and experienced team of technicians at Total Zen Pools put our clients and their needs as our first priority. Furthermore, by working with us you’ll get affordable and reliable swimming pool service. All of our pool quotes provided by Total Zen Pools is quickly and accurately completed for improving your customer service experience. We work on balancing out chemicals and performing reliable management you can count on. Most importantly, we’ll also suggest simple fixes on things like spa automation and outdated filtration systems to save you money in the long run.

San Diego Pool Cleaning & Repairs Services

General Pool & Spa Cleaning Services

Brushing the pool walls, steps and floor

Skim Surface Debris

Empty Baskets. Skimmer, Pump, Leaf Canister

Vacuum pool and spa

Inspect Equipment for Proper Function

Backwash Sand & DE Filters​​

Check & Balance Chemicals

Check Equipment & Plumbing for Leaks


Total Zen Pools technicians repair almost everything having to do with your pool. We work on all brands of pumps, motors, filters, cleaners, controllers, lights, chlorine generators (salt systems). With decades of experience in pool repairs, we take pride in giving you all of the options for the most cost-effective way to get your system back to normal operation. We can diagnose and fix the majority of pool repair issues that you may encounter.
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